My psycho(e)

I see signs everywhere.

Are the spiritual teachers on to something? Is my guardian angel surrounding me? Are my ancestors guiding me? Is my existence truly a mystical phenomena, or am I projecting the patterns I want to see?

I am trying to reconcile science and spirituality, but isn’t it all up to perception anyway?

Hello. Have we met before?

This week, my energy has spiked to such high and low levels, but there is still blood running in my veins. And truthfully, I am eternally grateful. This is my constant state of being. Whether I am grounded in a calm energy state or drifting in the chaos, I know deep down that I am experiencing a miracle- that I am a miracle. My mere existence is a manifestation of something wildly incredible, something beyond my own imagination. I am an alien living on another planet, I am a spec in the infinite cosmos, and this is science.

Both science and spirituality tell me I am designed to evolve into my highest potential, like a tree or a child.

But what happens after climate change? When Mother Earth meets her eventual destruction? What happens when we face our impending doom? When the blood stops running in my veins?

This is beyond existential crisis.

The spiritual teachers tell me I chose to incarnate on Earth. But if I did, why did I come here? Am I here to save this body? To save humanity?

Isn’t death inevitable?

Why am I made alive to die?

“The universe and all of us in it want to be destroyed, we create to destroy, we were created to be destroyed, created by the idea of our eventual destruction… the ice caps have melted.”

Will the end bring a new beginning? Will decayed organic material float around in space, in finite pieces? Will it find its way back together again? Will Hydrogen meet Oxygen again?

Will we meet again?

Does life even need organic ingredients? With an entirely different composition of matter, perhaps somewhere across the galaxy, is there a different chemical formula to sustain life?

“The possibility that we are not alone in this universe and the possibility that we might be are both two equally terrifying possibilities.”

A.) If this miraculous assembly of chemical atoms found on Earth is the only recipe to foster life, shouldn’t we put all of our efforts into preserving it? And if we can’t preserve our organic bodies (because decay aka DEATH) perhaps we should upload our consciousness into computers that can outlive decay and climate change?!

B.) Given the possibility that life can exist in a nonorganic entity, who’s to say it doesn’t already?

Somewhere across the galaxy.

Maybe after I die, I’ll choose to incarnate as a different alien living on another planet across the galaxy. Will you meet me there?

Maybe life is not so rare. So the existential anxiety subdues. And the panic to save Earth seems almost comical. Especially when we live everyday aware of the possibility that we can be instantly pulverized by an extraterrestrial impact at any given moment, one that could vaporize our bodies and all of our technologies and that one guy living in his computer up there by the moon.

But the question remains: why are we alive? Why science? Why anything at all? Why are we designed to evolve?

Sorry, who are you?

Is evolution just inertia? Do we just need to find something to do with all of this energy?


Have we met before?



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