don’t tell me you want me

I was falling asleep, falling into your sheets, your pillow felt like clouds,
and when I came back to earth, I looked for your hands.

We clasped each other as if we were flying together and it was perfect. The only thing that could ruin the moment is what you said next.

You said, “I want you.”
And breathless, I said, “damn, give me some rest.”

And you said, “no, no, not like that. I want you to be mine. I don’t want another man to fuck you.”

And I took a deeeeeep breath.

But you went on, staring seriously at your hands. “This feels like rent-a-pussy. I want to own your pussy.”



Why do men talk like my body is on sale????????????


But I didn’t say that, instead I took another deeeeep breath.

Baby boys pay attention to toys. Tools. Some grow up and are taught that the only way to become a man is to hunt and gather things. Things to bring home to their families. So the more gold rings on their fingers, the more women in their sheets. The more women in their sheets, the more powerful they feel. And what is power anyway?

I like power play. Something you can take and give away.

I don’t blame men. The Illusion fools everyone.

Baby girls pay attention to faces. Some grow up fantasizing about a prince charming. Filling their void with his love.

You know, if you listen closely, you’ll hear the truth in your heartbeat. My heart tells me we were all warned before we came here. Told about the dark side of alchemy. Now it seems that most of us are lost in the 3D, chasing gold and control, which will just disappear when the game is over.

And when the game is over, we’ll unite again and we’ll be one again and the duplicity of symmetry will make a mockery of magnets and electricity, and we’ll miss the shock of being powerless.

I like power play. Tell me you want me and then give me my space.

Let me give you a kiss. Then bite my lip.

But instead you went on to tell me how much you wanted me as if that’s got anything to do with me.

As if I’m not sitting in front of you.

As if I wouldn’t let you take me on another trip out of this world.

Again and again.

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