when religion interferes with god.


me: so i have this problem with religion.

if our souls are connected to god, why are we taught to listen to anything other than our own intuition?

who would believe in a god that abandons their creation with old books and no clear navigation?

my gut is my guide.

so, god is that you? is that you guiding my eyes towards a breathless beauty cross the street, strutting, with her chin towards the sun, her hand in the pocket of her black romper with her tattooed arm swinging by her waist. is that you, god?

religion, tell me. how can it be that treacherous. that sinful. that one glance of lust will drag me into the depths of hell. how can god be that prideful. so lost in his own desires. so hypocritical to give me free will and then punish me for using it.

so what if i am attracted to another woman?

my intuition has never been this loud.

someone asked me when i knew.

as if there’s this day where it all makes sense. as if it’s not just another dumb realization. as if all of my girl friends are not in love with me back.

god, i feel so clear-minded when i listen to you. when i let you guide my fingertips. when you make these words appear on the screen of the technology in front of me.

why is everyone else telling me not to listen to you? are these the obstacles you warned me of? is that why your tug is so strong? reminding me to listen to you because it is hell when i don’t.

i’m loyal only to you, god.

I’m whispering your name every time i feel my fingertips.

i know you feel me too, god.

Now this is self-love.

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