today I am in love

I am in love with the world.

I am in love with people.

I am in love with the weather.

With the trees and the sun and all the bugs between the trees and the sun.

Yes, it’s true. Across the ocean, there is a war and a famine and between me and those places there is poverty and abuse and more terrible things. But also between me and those places there is love and how can we forget about all the love. All the prayers. All of my friends who don’t wait for the media to bring attention to those suffering. All of the people who take it into their own hands to spread love. How can we overlook all of that humanity?

Some ask what will prayer do? We can’t stop the war with prayer. We can’t feed the hungry with prayer.

And maybe that’s true.

There will always be so much we cannot do.

But what about that feeling that settles in my heart, the same feeling that settles in yours, when we read a young girl’s poetry about her family torn by war. What about that spark that is reflected in your irises, the same spark reflected in mine. How quickly we forget about our differences. How we both feel the young girl’s screams in our throats. How that bonds us.

And so another generation of children will grow up haven seen death on their doorsteps. And they will make more poetry. And they will move across the ocean and share their stories. And the children across the ocean will listen. They will remember the time they saw their older siblings furious and cursing politicians. They will remember when social media became blue. When they felt the electricity of revolution in their bones too. How that will bond them.

Let’s not forget that trauma bonds us. That trauma has always been a part of our history. It’s those people who transform trauma into revolution who brought together black men and white women, black women and white men, men and men, women and women. The generations before us lost their voices in protests. Sacrificed their lives for ours. I can’t help but fall in love with humanity.

How many people do I have to thank? That I can love whoever I want to love. That I can believe in whichever god I want to believe in. That I can walk outside and feel the sun on my chest and roar at the horizon about the things I care about.

The founding fathers? The feminists? The Martin Luther’s? The LGBT community? The allies? The body-positive activists? The people who invented the internet? The revolutionists? The hippies?

We can fight and love at the same time. So often we fight and forget to love. And we forget why we’re fighting.

Today I am reminded. And I am grateful. I am surrounded by humans who care about other humans that they don’t even know. There is inspiration all around me. The authors and the artists and all of the people spreading love. Reminding me there will always be love.

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